Sober Group

The Laboratory SOBER was created in 1981 by Dr Berrehail – a ski resort doctor in the Alps (Isère) – to better cure the mountain injuries. He developed gradually a complete range of splints specific to each body joint.


For more than 35 years, Laboratory SOBER is specialized in the design, the manufacturing and the sells of innovative orthopaedic devices to immobilized, contented and prevented traumatic and chronic disorders.

Tuned to the patients and tuned to the medical profession, the Laboratory SOBER conceives and develops products which meet the needs in traumatology, rheumatology and neurology.

All the products are conceived by a team of specialists and doctors. This interdisciplinary collaboration allows our service R&D to be particularly reactive to propose regularly patented innovative products.

The SOBER Group also has a production unit within its head offices that designs and makes customised medical corsets and belts.

Healthcare professionals recognise SOBER® medical splints for their safety and technical characteristics. These products provide a response to the main types of trauma experienced by athletes, active subjects, seniors, and even children.

With the know-how and expertise, it can offer medical solutions that meet the expectations of medical prescribers, orthopaedic and orthotics specialists, and pharmacists, whilst always considering the comfort and convenience of the patients who use the devices.


Since April 2017, the SOBER Group has been the exclusive distributor of the EZY WRAP®.brand of medical splints.

The EZY WRAP® brand has had a presence in the Small Orthopaedic Devices market for more than 60 years and created many innovations such as:

– The first memory foam padded ankle splint, called EZY CAST.

– The JONAH and WAHOO models, which are among the hand splints best suited for the treatment of chronic pathologies and musculoskeletal disorders.

Other innovations that deserve a mention are

First Ice Cold/Cryotherapy technology, with a range of First Ice devices and compresses.


The EZY WRAP® brand is recognised by dispensing pharmacists for the chronicle

Their alliance

The SOBER® and EZY WRAP® brand alliance is:

A medical response for the treatment of most traumatic and chronic disorders.

A pooling of their know-how for the design of innovative patented products perfectly adapted to the expectations of medical professionals who actively participate in our Research & Development approach